Scientific approach to the learning of Islamic religious education in the covid-19 period: A study in Bunut Hulu state high school

Khairatul Hidayah, Ahmad Salim, Muh Mustakim


The curriculum 2013 uses a scientific approach in learning development, with the expectation of encouraging students to find out from various sources, solve problems, think analytically, emphasize the importance of collaboration and creativity. When implementing that approach, Indonesia and the world’s population are facing the Covid-19 pandemic to respond that phenomena, learning, and teaching in many schools are conducted online, using certain media and learning resources. This research was conducted at SMAN 1 and 2 Bunut Hulu, using a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. Data collection techniques using in-depth interviews. The study results show that learning cannot be carried out correctly in the emergency situation of Covid-19. Teachers have difficulty applying the scientific approach to carry out offline learning once a month to balance online learning.


learning, scientific, curriculum 2013, covid-19

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