Initiation of Establishment of Peer Counselors in Higher Education as Pioneer Agents to Promote Mental Health

Dian Sartika Sari, Annas Fitria Sa’adah, Narastri Insan Utami


Scientific evidence supports that mental health is one of the emerging issues during this COVID-19 period. The issue of mental health also occurs in the education sector. Students who have to adapt to a daring learning system and social activities they cannot do freely. Students who are unable to cope with stress with this have negative impacts such as decreased academic performance. Even some students with prolonged stress can experience mental health problems that lead to serious pathologies. Mental health services at universities can all be optimized by students ranging from inadequate huma resources to students themselves who can access services at the university. Friends are a place or place for students to release emotions. The formation of peer counselors is one solution that can be done to help as first aid for mental health problems among students. The purpose of this activity is to initiate the formation of peer counselors in universities. Participants involved in this activity gathered 500 students. The result of this activity is an increase in student interest in becoming peer counselors in universities to help deal with mental health issues

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