SLLiCE (Seminar on Linguistics, Literature, and Culture)

Description SLLiCE is seminar held annually by Sastra Inggris, Fakultas Sastra, Budaya, dan Komunikasi, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. It explores the basic concepts among linguistics, literature, and culture, as well as the ways in which these fields interact and exchange knowledge. In the seminar, participants will be supported to discuss the ways that language, literature, and cultural practices connect and shape cultural identity, communicate meaning, and establish social standards. Literature and cultural practices, including performance, art, and music, will also be explored to reflect and influence beliefs, social conventions, and cultural identities through how they are interpreted and represented in various cultural contexts. Goals The seminar on Linguistics, Literature, and Culture aims to facilitate participants in discussing the ways in which linguistics, literature, and culture reflect and challenge cultural norms, and represent on cultural identity. Scope The scope of the seminar on Linguistics, Literature, and Culture includes the following key areas:
1. Linguistics: Micro and Macro Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Stylistics, and other related fields.
2. Literature: Literature comparison, Critical Literature, Literature Sociology, Literature Anthropology, Children's literature, Feminist literature and other related fields.
3. Culture: Cultural and Social Contexts, Cultural studies, Cultural anthropology, Cultural sociology, and other related fields.
1. Linguistics
2. Literature
3. Culture