Dampak pelatihan penyusunan laporan perkembangan anak berbantuan aplikasi e-report bagi guru PAUD

Prima Suci Rohmadheny, Toni Kus Indratno


Technological developments and the development of the 2013 curriculum require teachers to be able to take advantage of computer technology, in fact PAUD teachers still use manual methods to compile child development reports. Some teachers use computer applications, namely using Ms. Word, however, has many hindering and time consuming aspects. Therefore, PAUD teachers need convenience and practicality so that their performance increases. Based on these needs, the application of Ms. excel in the form of e-report that has been developed by the team needs to be introduced so that there are more users among PAUD teachers. Through this service activity it is expected that there will be an increase in the knowledge and skills of early childhood teachers in compiling reports on children's development using the Ms. application. Excel in the preparation of e-reports as part of curriculum changes, especially at Aisyiyah PAUD institutions. The method of implementing activities includes lectures, group discussions, and limited offline and online practice which are alternatives in carrying out training activities because they adjust to the conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The results of this service program were 91.3% of teachers rated the e-report application as very useful and 82.6% of teachers rated the application as easy to use, then the impact of this activity was a change in teacher knowledge, understanding, and skills towards the existence of the e-report application which can facilitate their performance in compiling child development reports.


Development Reports, Early childhood education, E-Report, Teacher

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