Pengembangan Usaha dan Strategi Bisnis UMKM Di Masa Pandemi Covid 19

Rifki Khoirudin, Muhammad Safar Nasir


development and marketing strategies. In this community service activity, the executor conducts training for business actors related to strategies for developing an ideal business for MSMEs and in accordance with the current progress in the era of the covid 19 pandemic. With this training, MSMEs are expected to be able to understand every process of managing human resources and financial management. business well and can participate in building the economy of the residents around the business. The training in this service is to introduce management methods and business finance management. As a result of the implementation of this community service program, changes were made to the service partners. So far, partners running their business are in the form of a culinary business, namely a coffee shop. Due to the pandemic, there was a very drastic decline in turnover due to social restrictions. For this reason, in this activity, partners will change the output of partners by optimizing packaged coffee, so that people who work from home can take advantage of partners' products.


UMKM, Strategi Usaha, Pemasaran

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