Peningkatan Literasi SARS-CoV-2 dan Skrining Kesehatan di Era Pandemi Covid-19

Sri Wijayanti Wulandari, Adi Nugraha Setiadi, Syariful Fahmi


Cases of Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia experienced a sharp increase by mid-2021. False information (hoax) that circulates among communities is also one of the causes of the increasing cases. Based on the current situation, the Indonesian government issued mobility restriction through PPKM Darurat. In response of this situation, we contributed by educating the local community on Covid-19; the disease, the virus that causes the disease, comorbidity, and vaccines. This activity targeted on 26 teachers and staff of SMP Muhammadiyah 1 Godean, Yogyakarta in which they are not able to be fully work from home as urged by the government. Therefore, their risk of contracted Covid-19 is quite high. This activity also aims to increase their literacy on Covid-19, as well as their awareness of the disease. By increasing their awareness, it is expected that the cases of Covid-19 will decrease and eventually stopped. Method of implementing this activity is by online lectures and discussions in 3 meetings. The lectures started with pre-test and ended with post-test as indicator of success. Results showed that there was an increase in literacy on issues regarding Covid-19. It is hoped that our participants can implement the new and more accurate information in their daily life so that they can contribute in the efforts of preventing the spread of Covid-19.


pandemic, Covid-19, vaccines, comorbid

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