The 7th Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Public Health Conference (UPHEC)

One of the lessons learnt from Covid-19 was that the pandemic could be overcome through robust surveillance. Surveillance should not only involve data collection, but a continuous systematic process that encompasses data collection, analysis, interpretation, and subsequently using the results as reference for planning and implementation health policy. The main goal of surveillance, therefore, is to alleviate morbidity and prevent avertable death through effective intervention.

In this conference we would like to invite you as academicians, students, researchers, or policy makers to present your current studies in the field of public health surveillance and policy (environmental health, occupational health, health promotion, reproductive health, epidemiology, health administration). We would like to have exchange of experience from different countries to develop resilience health system in order to overcome any potential pandemic in the future. The conference will be held online for two days, from 26th-27th October 2022.   

Welcome to the Conference,


M. Syamsu Hidayat, M.Sc., Ph. D